Helping Fight COVID19 in Tajikistan



Individual Organizations


Primary implementing partner, main grant recipient organization of MBV, through which we distributed the first tranche to 11 NGOs via small sub-grants. 

The Organisation provides support women victims of domestic violence. The mission of the Organisation is to increase the economic, political and social status of women in society, and to develop favourable conditions for improving the standard of living for women.

Investing in Tajikistan’s human potential. Raising the level of education of the youth of Tajikistan by providing support to gifted and diligent children from poor families.

To improve education, make it more accessible for girls, women and youth. Raise people’s awareness about children’s and women’s rights, and protection of these rights. 

 Improve access to healthcare for COVID-19 infected populations of villages in three Bartang Valley jamoats. Assist in preventing further spread of the virus.

Promotion of information about heathy food, proper hygiene and sanitary conditions, and active lifestyle, to help prevent spread of infectious and non-infectious diseases.

Strengthening of human rights provisions, and support of members of human rights defenders community in Tajikistan.

To enable children and people with Down Syndrome to live fulfilling and active lives, and be socially included in the life of their communities.

Promote human capital development and improve the quality of life of youth by providing positive changes, training and social inclusion.

Provision of necessary help for medical facilities and medical workers treating patients infected by COVID19 throughout the country.

Develop economic growth, strengthen cultural heritage, and create job opportunities through educating and training members of the most vulnerable parts of the population.

The organization was organized by the initiative of a group of women and girls with disabilities, Nosir, Khusrav district, Khatlon region. The mission and purpose of the organization is to provide protection for the rights and interests of women with disabilities and increase the potential of persons with disabilities in the Khatlon region. Our activities are aimed at: promoting equal rights and opportunities for women with disabilities in society; capacity building of persons with disabilities through seminars and trainings; protection of the rights and interests of women with disabilities.



Assistance in development of civil society, protection of human rights by active collaboration between the state, civil society, and public and business sectors in Tajikistan. 

“IRODA” – as an initiative group of parents of enthusiasts, was born thanks to the unification of a group of parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in Dushanbe.The organization implements modern approaches to the identification, diagnosis of autism and the implementation of early intervention, rehabilitation and education programs for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and other features of neuropsychic development.

To contribute to the development of inclusive education and the achievement of equal access to education in Tajikistan through the implementation of educational, social and human rights programs for children and young people.The activities of “Rushdi Inclusia” are focused at meeting the needs of children and young people with disabilities in education and comprehensive development.


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