Request for Proposals (RFP) - “Fighting COVID-19 in Tajikistan”

BACKGROUND: COVID-19 has impacted many countries around the world. The Republic of Tajikistan and its people started seeing its impact as of the end of April. Tajikistan’s readiness to fight this pandemic requires involvement from local civil society, organizations, and communities. 

ABOUT: is an urgent appeal launched by Tajik Americans in the United States to help fight COVID-19 in Tajikistan. Through various online platforms and outreach programs, Tajik Americans are raising funds to deliver medical supplies, essentials, food, and educational content during the COVID-19 crisis. MoBoVatanem is working with local, international volunteers, and observers for the complete transparent delivery of upcoming project proposals. Crisis Standards of Care protocols will be implemented to demonstrate how the community should allocate scarce resources in the extreme situation when healthcare needs exceed the resources available. is committed to taking critical steps to ensure Tajikistan healthcare facilities receive the necessary support to the threat of the COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses. The goal is to allocate a  reasonable range of options to protect medical workers in Tajikistan and those receiving care. 



REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: is soliciting proposals from registered local, national, and international non-profit organizations, to submit proposals that meet Project Requirements, comply with our vision and help achieve forth set goals. The proposals are being solicited for the second batch of funds between $1,000 to $3,000.


Eligibility: You must be a registered non-profit organization based in Tajikistan or have representation in Tajikistan. 
Your project proposal must target one of three goals set forth by our organization:
1. Support our heroes, front-liners, and doctors with medical supplies and equipment;
2. Provide essential food support to families impacted by the crisis;
3. Информировать население о вирусе, о мерах индивидуальной защиты (социальное дистанцирование, самоизоляция и карантин).

Application form on which the project proposals must be written and submitted can be found on our website: You may submit your proposal directly from our website, or send it as an attachment to the e-mail address listed below. 




RFP Timeline:
August 11th through 25th. Deadline is August 25th, 5pm Dushanbe, Tajikistan time.
All inquiries regarding this solicitation must be e-mailed to:
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